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FBC Music Library

Faith Baptist Church Music Library

CD's are available for check out from the Library at the main campus of Faith Baptist Church.  You can check out 2 CDs at a time and keep them for up to two weeks.  Please support these artists by not copying the music.  We receive the CDs at a discount to make this available to you.

Artist Album Title
Audio Adrenaline Adios
Barlow Girl Another Journal Entry
Building 429 Iris to Iris
Building 429 Rise
Cool Hand Luke The Balancing Act
Flatfoot 56 Jungle of the Midwest Sea
Joel Engle I Believe in You
KJ-52 The Yearbook
Pettidee Resurrections
Relient K Five Score and Seven Years Ago
Seventh Day Slumber Finally Awake 
This Beutiful Republic  Even Heroes Need a Parachute

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