“Service Barometers”


         What kinds of measuring devices do you use each day?  Perhaps a fuel gauge to determine how far you can go.  Perhaps a thermometer to determine how hot it is getting.  Perhaps a teaspoon to determine the amount of sugar in your coffee.  Perhaps a barometer to determine what the weather will be like.

         Yesterday’s sermon discussed the things Jesus did for us, as well as what followers of Jesus should do for Him.  Matthew 16:24 tells us to deny ourselves (say no to self), take up our cross (say yes to difficult things for Christ’s sake), and follow Jesus (and His example).

         These items are much easier to talk about than to put into practice. We can feel like we are seemingly doing well enough with each item that we can put them away and forget about them for a time. However, if we measure or evaluate the items realistically, then we may not be able to put them out of mind.

         Jesus tells us in that verse that part of being a follower of Him is serving Him and making that a priority over other things, even to the point of it looking like the cross we have to bear. 

         A quick measuring device—call it our barometer—of whether or not we are taking up our cross can be found by simply evaluating how much we serve.  How many of the 168 hours in our week do we spend fulfilling our own desires?  How many of the 168 hours in our week do we spend in service/ministry for Christ?

         All of us can easily find reasons we are not able to serve/minister for Christ’s sake. Does that make it okay, or does it say something else about our priorities?

         Sometimes getting one priority right helps the others fall into place.  “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33).



Pastor Mike

“Between Sundays”