“Rendering Too Much to Caesar?”


         This morning I was reading a magazine article that addressed the amount of time we spend talking about our president. It reminded me of a recent situation where my wife was harshly criticized for not being more verbal about President Trump. The man who decried her lack of discussion was an individual who talks much more about politics than he does of God—although he is a professing Christian.

         I find that it’s far too easy for us to spiritualize our emotions concerning political candidates. We often become emotionally passionate about the latest statesman. We get fired up when we hear a famous evangelist encourage more discussion regarding a political leader.

         This brings up an interesting question; How often in the Bible do we read of the Apostle Paul talking about Nero?  Nero was likely the most evil and oppressive of all Roman emperors. He tortured and executed great numbers of Christians during Paul’s day.  And yet Paul kept the main thing the main thing—Jesus Christ and Him crucified—that was the message to the people in Corinth. On another occasion, the people in Ephesus accused Paul of damaging their political structure because he spoke of Jesus and not of Artemis (see Acts 19).

         Who, or what topic do you speak of most?  Do you find political discussions more stimulating than ones of Christ?  How would your workplace or family describe the topic you are most passionate about?

         2 Cor. 4:5; “For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord…”



Pastor Mike

“between Sundays”