“The Point of No Return”


         Years ago, Lora and I would take people whitewater rafting. There was a point when we were lined up and headed toward a Class IV rapid that there was no turning back; you were plunging down that pipe of churning water because that’s what you were heading for.

         There is a passage in the book of Romans that describes people plunging to a downstream path of perversion and darkness because they have suppressed the truth even though God made it known to them. They continue to deny Christ and even celebrate with others who think as they do. But one day their hearts will have grown so hard that God lets go and allows them to drift away without Him (see Rom. 1:18-32).

         Interestingly, this has also been a subject of our recent passages in the book of Matthew. Matthew 12:30-32 speaks of the person who continually denies Christ, putting them in a spiritual condition that makes repentance impossible in the present, and then the longer they stand opposed to Christ, the more likely they are to make that decision a permanent one; one where there is no recourse. 

         In Matthew 12:38-50 Jesus warns those who deny Him as they sit and wait for more proof, that there is enough evidence right now to make a decision for Him or against Him.

         Every person in the world is in one of two camps; either trusting Jesus or rejecting Him.  Every one of us have a decision to make regarding Jesus Christ. Are you for Him or against Him?  If you trust Him then you need to express your decision to Him. You need to pray, tell Jesus that you recognize that you need His forgiveness because of your sins. You need to tell Him that you believe that He died on the cross to take the punishment that you deserve for your sins, and that He was raised from the dead three days later. You need to tell Him that you want Him to be Lord of your life and heart.

         Remember, this is a limited-time offer.



Pastor Mike

“between Sundays”