“Prayers Power as Time Passes”


         The past few days I have scrolled through a long list of blogs written by pastors. I was surprised that the majority of the recent blogs were all on the topic of prayer.

         Some of them were written to answer some of the questions people have concerning prayer; i.e. does it change God’s mind. Other pastors blogged about the significance of prayer in our lives in relation to various topics. One pastor wrote of prayer becoming more integral to his life as he gets older.

         I was reminded of this last one as I listened to Pastor Louie Giglio speak at a meeting I attended a few days ago. He turns 60 next month, and his talk concerned “the posture of possibility.” Matthew 26:39 describes how Jesus fell face down on the ground as He prayed to the Father concerning the suffering He was about to experience. The physical posture of facedown on the ground removes the distractions, prompts humility, and keeps us from looking to someone else in our prayers. The incident also reminds us of the importance of prayer throughout our life.

         Like anyone else, I need to be reminded to make prayer a priority… but not just quick, light, short prayers throughout the day, but long and serious times of literally falling on my face before God in humility with an attentive focus.

         I have been encouraged to hear some of you speak of that kind of prayer life. Keep it up on through the rest of your life, as it is the key to a close relationship with your Savior, a fundamental ingredient in a content life, and an effective thing to encourage others with in their prayer life.



Pastor Mike

“between Sundays”